Monday, May 16, 2011

Rocking Away...

We're really fantastic people. Rain or shine, we went out as well on Thursday morning. Hard Rock Hotel has been around in Penang for quite some time. I don't remember since when but should be somewhere around last year in Year 2010. But it's our first time looking around that place. God is good. When we were in the car, it rained. When we stepped out of the car, the rain stopped. In sheltered 5-foot walk area, it rained. Out in the open, it drizzled. Such cooling day without the scorching sun that threatens to give us heat stroke. Beautifully decorated with lights. It's definitely a happening place at night. Not for one to relax but I find it quiet in the morning. The way I like things around. Quiet at one time and then noisy the next. Of course we started taking photos the moment we reached Hard Rock. I think the best time to capture the best photographs are in the morning where not many people throng the place. We have the whole place to ourselves. Then, all of the sudden, my imagination ran wild and it's running very wild now. I really really want a holiday. Away from work and everything. No phone calls. Don't want to know about anything that's happening. You know like you go off somewhere and disconnect yourself from your daily life? Go without a care in the world. Don't have to look at the watch and have the need to rush off somewhere. I just want to lie down and stare at the clear blue sky without having to worry whether a pigeon or a crow will fly across the sky and leave their shit on my face. What's missing in the picture is a tall glass of icy cold freshly squeezed orange juice. That will make my day. I don't even want to bring a book along. I just want to stare into nothingness and enjoy myself. It's not wasting time.. it's enjoying every minute and second of life. No matter how dirty the sea is, I like it still. I may not like sandy beaches, but I like the sea. The pounding waves and the churning yucky brown water. The kids' pool is very attractive. I'm gonna stand in the middle of the spraying jet and have a good and nice water massage. HHhmmm... I'm halfway through cloud nine now... I really love the pool view rooms in Hard Rock Hotel. It's not only having a pool view... there's direct access to the pool. Just open the sliding door to the patio and you can dive straight into the pool. If I'm staying there just for one nite, I'll be hanging out in the pool, crawling back up to my room then straight to the pool again. That will cost from RM630 to RM1000 per nite. God, can I have that for free? Just for one nite... please... There's a live band playing at the hotel lobby during the weekends. Really loud. I might want to stuff myself in the room and avoid the loudness. I went there twice. The second time with hubby since there's no badminton session yesterday. I repeated what I did on Thursday morning with my hubby. Going to the same places twice with different prove to have different effect.

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