Sunday, May 01, 2011

Out of Anger...

As how my Donkey describes,‎"Just because someone shares the same problems like yours, does not mean that they have the solutions for yours." E.L. Teaching and solving logarithms are easier than raising teenagers.

Those with teenagers at home, will know how I feel... we can share our thoughts but there's no solution to it. Out of my anger this afternoon, after I spent enough time online, I dragged hubby out of the house. I'm so nice... I didn't scream at my kids for not studying. I left them to their own devices. The laptop is on, two computers in the house, the whole house is rigged with wifi, Internet connection is always on, they have their handphones where they can press until their fingers become slim, dinner is already in the kitchen and I proudly walked out of the house. I went shopping!!! I was fuming mad inside and I wasn't in the mood to look at any clothes. From the top floor of 1st Avenue... no, I wasn't gonna jump down... I dragged hubby to the groundfloor to have a look at the Coach bag. A freaking RM1 430 for a bag. I was so angry that everything was eating from the inside out. So angry until I see nothing at the shopping mall. More like having a heartache.

Then, I saw a pink Canon digital camera at a booth. While fidgeting with the bright pink camera, I saw a printed A4 paper with the small catchy phrase "Buy 1 Free 1".... hahhahahahah... I was smiling from ear to ear... seriously... it's buy 1 camera and get 1 camera for free. So, I got myself a Kodak C142 and an Olympus T-10. It's really easy to close my sales. No need to show me anything, I paid the amount in less than 5 minutes. I'm not a difficult customer.... never a difficult customer. I was laughing out loud and those working at the booth were laughing as well. I laughed because those two digital cameras cost RM399 only and I think they laughed because they managed to close sales in less than 5 minutes. My precious was so disturbing. She kept on calling us to go home to have dinner together. Hahahaha.... I haven't run away from home... just an hour of going out. There are so many different features in this Olympus digital camera. It's user friendly so forget about reading the guide book. I never know how to read those small booklet with multiple languages in them. Played around with the camera... but... but... I love this still... Love Kodak... If you have shaky hands, Kodak will not shake... antishaker... muahahahha... Love Kodak to the max... but Olympus' ISO frequency can be changed. In conclusion, I love Kodak and I went home happier but RM439 poorer... but when I entered the house, dinner was served on the table... the first time I'm served by my kids... and all were seated on the table, waiting for us to come back to have dinner together. Lovely... one request... can please study to make me happy at least?

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