Sunday, October 15, 2017

Oz Day 19: One Whole Day at Queen Victoria Market...

~ 24th November 2015 ~
We decided to wake up early and followed Pinky in her car to grab the train. She would usually park her car at one of the stations with free parking then hopped onto the train to Melbourne Central. As I mentioned before, walking would take at least 20 minutes. It was too tiring to start the day with such long walk. 
That particular morning seemed to take too long. The train broke down and we had to change to another station. The parking has a limit of 3 hours only but we did not have a choice. Shuttle buses were dropping people off to this station as well. There was no clear instruction of what to do and which side of the track we should be standing on. In the end, we were running from one side to the other and then rushed back to the initial one. Well, first world country has its own hiccups, too. It's known as wear and tear, thus maintenance work is of pure importance.
Pinky arrived late for work and we had to wait for the tram to get to the market. Yeah, we were doing marketing again for the last time to cook for her. I only cook for selected people. If you get to eat what I cook, then consider yourself blessed. I will serve this travel buddy of mine like a queen. We left the house at 8:05am and finally, we reached the market before 10a.m.
We went to look for t-shirts and stuff to buy home. Then, we continued with our seafood buying and more minced pork so that mi madre can make bakkwa for the travel buddy. She loves them to bits. And we went searching for vegetables especially lemongrass. Found a Vietnamese shop outisde Queen Victoria Market selling the much needed tom yam paste. Bought coconut milk in a can as well. Why no fresh coconuts there? We had a borek for lunch. 
Before we slow-walked to the house, we stopped by at the post office so that I could do my usual thing of sending postcards back home and to America. 
The walk home was torturous as we had to carry so many things with us. We reached home around 4p.m there's no time to waste. I had to mop the floor while cooking. I'm good in multi-tasking and work perfectly well under intense stress. I wanted the travel buddy to have dinner the moment she stepped into the house. Usually she would be famished so it's nice to surprise her with food ready on the table. If not, she would have to make food and when she's too tired and hungry, she would just go out for food. She loves home-cooked food, so I home-cooked for her.

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