Tuesday, October 31, 2017

My Camel Has Arrived...

... and more are coming...
My camel took quite long to arrive because camels are not fast animal. My camel does not come from the Arab region. My camel came from South Korea. There are prophecies spoken to you but most of the time, after those prophecies were given out, it was forgotten faster than when they were given out.

Out of so many prophecies that I received, I remember this one clearly. My camel arrived at my doorstep 11 months ago but at that point of time, I did not know that it's my camel bringing what I wanted. I only see it now.

There are a few things I can talk about base on my own experience:
When the camel is meant to come to your house, no matter how hard you fought with the camel, hoping that the camel would leave, it will not leave you. God raised up a person who is a million times more strong-headed than I am. If not, my camel would have left a long time ago the first time the camel landed in my house. The camel is a total stranger whom I housed for two weeks. This is the only stranger whom I agree to house.

The camel is abstract. The camel brings a human, if you're cracking your brain, thinking about this situation. Camels do not only carry humans. Camels carry gifts. I don't need a nicely wrapped present. People will usually give mugs, books, clothes, shoes and food as gifts, I have all those already. But my camel brought me something that I really wanted, something that I didn't really pray for earnestly but it's what always coming out from my mouth.
Those who has known me for years, would know that I want to earn money while I'm asleep. When my camel introduced me to the company, I was totally reluctant to get myself involved. I did not realize she was bringing me what I truly wanted. I only saw it last month. The camel brought me a company from South Korea, bearing my name as the logo of the company. I have always been wearing my last name as a pendant, thus I was surprise to see it as a logo. My spirit made a leap in the belly. There are many people who has similar name as mine, but not everyone feels it the way I do.

I love to travel but by the style I travel, you will think that I earn a million dollar per annum. I do not. When I travel, I stop work for a month. There's no income coming in at all. And I'm not a big earner. This is how God is proving that when He blesses you, it's coming you could not afford. If you're paying for every single cent from your own pocket, you'll think that's not God's blessing but it's all about you working hard, spending on your own hard earn money. Everything is about you and your hard work, thus God is remove from the equation. South Korea has never been in my list because I do not know anyone from there so it's impossible to travel and experience living like a local. I'm going for the second time in this year itself, if it's not Jesus involved in my life, what do you call that? Sheer luck? I don't believe in luck~! If your life depends on luck, then your life is no difference than the dice thrown on the gambling table. That's rather a sad life..
A camel is a form of transportation. Therefore, when my camel arrived at my doorstep, my camel does not only drop off stuff, but it will bring me to places as well. At first I did not want to follow my camel because I did not know it's my camel, my camel was persistent enough and I relented. It's like you are made to say YES to your camel and let your camel bring you to wherever your camel wants to.

Now, my camel is bringing me to other camels. When Jesus came to this world as human, the three wise men rode on three different camels. But it did not stop there, there were many more camels bringing expensive gifts fit only for a King. Therefore, my camel does not stop here. This is also not my first camel. My first camel came many years ago but at that point of time, I have never heard of such prophesy. If you're wondering whether the first camel is still around, the answer is YES~! That's my travel buddy who took me to different countries. 

How do you communicate with your camel then? I thought that my camel should learn English so we could communicate with no hiccups. That's not the point. I put in extra effort and asked the Holy Spirit to teach me the language my camel speaks. I picked up Korean Language. I could read and write in Hangeul now but I have yet to recognize a single word of the Chinese character. This confirms that I'm not being led by wrong beliefs but everything is just right. I may have hiccups with my camel but if it's God's plan then nothing would go wrong. No one can severe off the ties that have been made.

There are those who want my type of life. The moment I mention it's Jesus and only Him can give me this and He can give it to you, too nobody believes. How funny... then don't ask.

By the way, your camel is not necessary a believer in Christ. My first camel was not but my second one is... the other camels on the way, I don't know... 

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