Friday, June 03, 2011

50% Done... Yippee~!

Today I'm more energetic. I've already made up my mind the rooms that I want perfectly done. It's a tedious work. That's my work station. Clean. Spotless. Dust free. Took me 4 hours just to clean it. Used an old toothbrush and brushed the keys on the keyboard to remove the dust settled in between. The whole table has layers and layers of dust. Finally, after so many hours, it's done. It took me 8 hours to have my room done to perfection. I am completely satisfied. Then we started singing from the DVD. Took a break and dance around the room jumping on the bed before I changed the bedsheet. It's Hillsong Kid's Jesus My Superhero... The smallest room is done to perfection as well. I'm planning to get another computer for the kids. Need to get another 42-inch LCD tv then I can give them my television and push over the Wii game to them in the connecting room. But that room is still under construction. The rest of the hall is still in a terrible mess. My kitchen... perfect~! Everything in order. It's going to be 4 a.m. now. I've never sleep so late before but these few days I've been staying up late. I can't wait to finish the whole house then I can get back to my beauty sleep.

I've always wanted a big house. But now I've changed my mind. I'll never want to do this ever again. No more cleaning. I'll be more diligent in dusting the whole house after this ordeal. The dust... it appears too fast. I salute to the housewives who clean, wipe and wash everyday. I'll never want to be a housewife. I would rather work 24 hours a day than be a housewife.

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