Monday, June 27, 2011

Awesome Sunday... :D

A piece of murtabak. Had a sudden craving for murtabak and roti telur. Swallowed the roti telur before I even snap it. No energy to even hold the camera after shopping for groceries. I'm very please with Tesco for supplying most of the things that I wanted but still, there's not enough. Thank God Judz called while I was having lunch or else I wouldn't have seen the SMS-es on my PDA. Since my afternoon class has been cancelled, we made a sudden change to our unplanned outing, it became very rush just to go and catch a movie. We went for Blitz. Got a Buy 1 Get 1 Free ticket with Gracie's Citibank card at TGV. I wanted to watch Blitz because Jason Statham was starring but to my disappointment, there wasn't any element of surprise in the movie like those great Transporter Trilogy. There wasn't even much action and he did more talking than in any other movies that he acted before. I like him quiet and cool with lots of action. When I'm not working and I'm out, my money will flow out of my wallet very very fast. It's like having a pipe burst. Moreover there's a 30% discount to every Betty Boop item. You see, I've not been shopping for quite some time. I've been spending on food and doing grocery shopping. The biggest bulk of expenditure goes to food and seconded by petrol. Petrol is so expensive now. It is scary looking at the petrol needle indicator going down so fast. So, after so long I shouldn't feel guilty pampering myself once in awhile. I was actually thinking the the price of those bags will be able to get all the grocery stuff for two weeks. Shouldn't think that way... Oh, the moment I hold on to that bag, I refuse to let it go. I've never wanted a bag so badly in my life. It's a MUST-HAVE~!! That's the front.... and this is the other side. I hope it's better than my Elle bag. I like the softness of the bag. Love it to the max~! That's the second bag that I held on to. I was like one nutcase holding on to two bags but couldn't decide on which one to buy. I wanted both so in the end I got both :D And Lem, the shop owner was so nice to let me know about the 1st Avenue's great offer for those who spent RM300 and above. Two passes to enjoy a special screening :D I was wondering when I'll be catching the Transformers moving since it's gonna start this Thursday and the tickets have been released since last Thursday. Now, I got access to a special screening in TGV just that it's in the third row... so front. I will like it far far away from the big screen. Then, we had dinner at Brewery Tap. The food wasn't that bad, was edible. No more comments. It's hard to comment on each place that I dined in. Then, when we were looking through the menu, we were staring at the word 'castrated'. How do you castrate a lamb with turmeric? I've been studying recipes. I know saute, marinade and mix well. But... to castrate a lamb? And do you have to describe that the lamb has been castrated? Oh, boy... I no longer know how to use English words. My vocabulary is not wide enough to describe the texture and the taste of food or even to understand the way of cooking - bake, blanch, deep-fried... what else do you have? If I eat until I couldn't muster a word, means they're too delicious. But... castrated... I'm still thinking about it. Damn... shouldn't it be marinated with turmeric??? Anyway, went for a second movie after dinner. I've been wondering myself what's Henry's Crime. That movie is superbly boring. There's no background music. No thrill in anything. Keanu Reeves who acted as Henry was such a dumb guy. He got caught for robbing a bank when he didn't do anything at all. And he just kept quiet and let himself stay in prison for 3 years. Never seen such stupid person even in a movie. He's such a boring person, if that's my husband I'll whack his brain out. Really regretted watching that movie. Wasted my time... but at least I'm hanging out in the cinema... something that I've not done for a long time. Haven't even do movie marathon for months.

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