Saturday, June 04, 2011

Oh, I'm Relaxed...

The pig. The green pig. The green pig from Angry Bird. Yesterday was the day which I was so happy to get out of the house. So, I went to work for 3.5 hours. Went out for an early dinner. Went for a walk at the night market which I did not really enjoy because it was hot and humid and it was from butt-to-butt with the others. The late night was even better. Billy and JackJack came from Sarawak to work for a few days in Penang. Brought them out for supper. It feels really good to stay away from my undone house. It's still undone. Can I ask a crane to bring down all the things? Get it out of the way? Or bomb the whole place down? The 50% is still 50%... I think I'm going to close both eyes and forget about everything.

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