Friday, June 24, 2011

African & American... Perfect~!

African stew and American fried rice. I have no idea how Americans have their fried rice but it's definitely very different. Main ingredients for the African Chicken Peanut Stew as shown above. Sweet potatoes, chicken cut into cubes, a bottle of peanut butter, should get chunky instead of smooth, a can of tomato paste and you can never cook without onion and garlic. I sweat like a pig peeling potatoes and chopping them into small pieces. Literally dripping from head to toe. It's worse than working out in the gym with Claudine. I cooked the chicken separately together with the blended onions and garlic. It's better to cook separately to bring the best out of the marinated chicken. I don't understand how come all the recipes do not require the chicken meat to be marinated. Cooking without oyster sauce will make everything quite bland. This is the best stew that I've ever tasted. Brilliant recipe by After putting everything to simmer for more than an hour, the sweet potatoes are so soft. I've never cooked something so delicious before. It was like going for fine dining and having a little cup with the delicious stew where you're given a big soup spoon but you can only take a sip one at a time to savour every moment of it. Now, I have a whole big pot where all my guinea pigs get to have a big bowl of it. Such delicious stew must be accompanied by another main dish that's equally as delicious. Pieces of ham and finely grated carrots for colouring. Cooked rice yesterday nite at 1 a.m. because I went to Tesco around midnite. Fancy frying rice with chicken soup? The rice is sticky compared to our chokingly dry fried rice. The rice with chicken and ham mix together with the African stew... wow... I've never been so satisfied with my own cooking before. It's truly a great combination. And it took me two days to come out for one week's menu. I'll have to prepare next week's menu and I have no idea what I want for next week.

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