Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Slight Tremor...

It had been some time since the last tremor being felt from the aftershocks of earthquake in neighbouring country. The last felt was when tsunami hit the Malaysian shore, in Penang Island itself which swallowed about 54 lives. The tremor felt just now was for 1 second only. I didn't run out of the house but I still remembered how it shook years back. The whole building was swaying back and forth. Neighbours ran out using the staircase. This reminds me not to live in high rise buildings where it's just too impossible to escape even with stairs. It will take forever to reach the ground level.

Christchurch, New Zealand was hit again yesterday. My prayers go to them and may they find refuge in the name of the Lord. May He give you the comfort and strength to pull through this calamity. Hold on to Him and never let go for He will exalt those who humble themselves. It's is easier to say it out loud as I'm not in the midst of the trouble. I respect the courage of those who are able to walk out of this praising the Lord.

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