Tuesday, June 07, 2011

My Preference...

I've made up my mind. I would rather work than clean the house. I freakingly need the place tomorrow by 2:30 p.m. and I'm still looking at very very slow progress. I can't stand the other room with so many things. I detest looking at that room. I'll never clean a house... not in this life time or another life time. Never will I repeat this ever again. I tortured myself this year... I'm going for holidays next year. Enjoy myself to the fullest once again~!!! SHIT ASS YOU!! I WASTED SO MANY DAYS AND SACRIFICED MY HOURS OF SLEEP JUST TO CLEAR THE WHOLE HOUSE AND YOU WANT TO KEEP EVERYTHING. SHIT YOU REALLY!! I HATE YOU!! I HATE YOU!!!!! I REALLY HATE YOU!!! IF I WOULD HAVE KNOWN THE OUTCOME OF ALL THE CLEANING WHICH EQUALS TO NOTHING AS I WANTED, I WOULDN'T HAVE STARTED IT. SO NOW, THANKS TO MY WISE IDEA! YOU KILLED MY IDEA! AND I HATE YOU!!!

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