Thursday, June 09, 2011

Inconsiderate Numbskulls...

The younger generation now do not know the meaning of having school holidays. When I see the calendar marked with yellow colour, I bet I'm not the only person who's leaping with joy. We've flipped the calendar all the way to December back and forth and calculated the number of school holidays.

I'm writing this to the teachers of various schools who enjoy torturing students, to the trainers of all sorts *bear in mind, you're not training monkeys for circus act* and to the senior students who hold various posts until your head swell and you forget that the world does not revolve around you and your damn schedule. Neither does a teenager's life revolve around the school only. There's more to life than school life itself.

Whenever I hear school holidays, I hear my kids telling me they're going to school for all sorts of nonsense. By the way, I should highlight that school holidays mean students STAY AWAY from school. No attending school. Not even go near the school. Fullstop~!!

Let's see what they're having in school nowadays. If you join orchestra or band, then you ask for it yourself as you need a lot of practice to perfect it. When I tell my kids NO GOING TO SCHOOL during school holidays, I mean it. My precious said she has to go for marching which I said NO to because I don't remember sending her to a military school where she has to march the whole damn field under the hot sun. I send her to school to STUDY during schooling days and schooling hours. The student in charge has the cheek to call her up and then what, threaten that her name will be pulled out from the competition. Yes, go ahead it's not like she's going to earn or gain anything from the marching competition.

Now, what? Traditional games are holding camps. Since I allowed my two other kids to go, when the programme says it will end at 4:30 p.m. I expect to see them down on the ground within 1 minute after that. But no, the inconsiderate numbskull trainers decided to hold them back for an extra 15 minutes and let other parents wait outside like idiots. To the trainers who went to SMJK Phor Tay, let me explain to you how inconsiderate you are. You have no regards to parents who need to work. No regards at all that NOT everyone has the extra minutes to sit in the car, with the engine running, hoping that no other cars will honk from behind just to pick the kids up from school. You create massive traffic jams whenever you end something late. Talk about punctuality. You start a session at that appointed time, you end it at the appointed time. Dare you tell them not to even use the mobile phone to inform the waiting parents, not allow them to even drink water when they are thirsty? Are you a sadist? You're lucky enough that I didn't have the extra time to go and see you face-to-face or else you get such shelling that you'll remember for life, what it means to respect another person's time and to respect the need of others.

Those who always want the teenagers to be in school have no life at all. You've never have a good teenage life so you choose to let others' suffer along with you. How inconsiderate can you be? You might think that they have nothing to do during the holidays. Have you ever consider there are families who have a lot of fun things to do together? Even if there's nothing to do, I PREFER my kids to sleep in until afternoon since they're deprived of sleep during school days. I PREFER that they play games rather than bury their heads in books and homework and more homework. Just in case if you haven't realise, the strings of A's don't come from homework alone. There must be a balance in everything. Some things you'll have to learn through experience, which means learn it from OUTSIDE of a building. I will want to take them out as I wish and not asking whether they're having any school activities during school holidays.

Why would the government have gazetted days for school holidays if there's no meaning to it? Do not stretch a person too far. By giving hours and hours of extra classes will not help. Time to rest and play means they can play all they want. If there are students who prefer to go to school, then have it that it's NOT compulsory for everyone to be there. Don't EVER try to threaten any of my kids. I'll go and see you personally and then everything will be very personal from then on. I have enough of this nonsense.

By the way, if you have so many things to impose, and let my kids fear you with your threats, you want them to obey you and disobey me, I'll kindly pack their bags and they will stay with you. You feed them and clothe them. During the schooling hours or whatever hours, they will listen to you. But after that, they will have to listen to me. You're no longer in charge or in control. Step beyond your boundaries, you can take over my place. I'll ask them to follow you home or better still, you can fetch them home on my behalf because you're too inconsiderate to realize that other people has other better things to do then to sit by the roadside and wait.

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