Sunday, June 19, 2011

Simply Exhausted...

Finally, I realize that my weekends are completely used up. There's not enough room to breathe. Saturday, I have a 9-4 work hour and nowadays, my kids will be cooking dinner because there are too many people eating in the house and I don't have the strength to cook out a storm so they took over the kitchen on Saturdays. Forget about cleaning the house as after an hour or two of rest, it's time to go to church. Before long, it's already night time.

I'm working on Sundays :'( and it has been like that for many many years. Thank God for badminton session but then I can't do movie marathon anymore. I prefer badminton than the cinema... *phew* But I have lunch time with my mama on weekends and I have a few minutes to have my fingers on the digital piano at home. Nothing tastes better than a bowl of laksa from Jalan Tengah, the only place that I will go for laksa. Not even to the famous Balik Pulau laksa. The 'tua pao' is what I like most. 'Siew mai'... *slurp slurp*

Next week I'll cook everything totally different from what I usually cook. I'm not going to come up with my own concoction of sauces, instead, I'm going to follow to the dot recipes that I grab from different sources. I have lots of electrical stuff that I can use. I even have 2 slow cookers. Have mixers of all sorts. Oh, Tesco jokes not when it says it will clamp those vehicles which park at the parking bay for other reasons other than doing grocery shopping. Pulau Tikus area is also doing clamping for those who park their vehicles outside the parking box. I better adhere to the rules or else I know I'll cry my eyes out and then argue all the way through to get that thing to come off the car tyre.

There goes my plan to watch X-Men: First Class tonight as I was too hungry to skip dinner and sacrifice it for movie. *sigh* It's already 10p.m. before I can even do anything. Tomorrow will be Monday... and work starts all over again. It has never stop. Hari Raya... quickly come...

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