Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chinese Cuisine.. the Best~!

Reading through the recipe, the two dishes were quite easy but cook but it took time to marinade and chopped the rest of the ingredients that will bring out the good taste and smell. Chicken dish~! Love chicken in anyway it's done. Nothing tastes better than chicken. The ingredients are almost the same. Salt, pepper and sugar - the three simple ingredients that will bring the best out of any food. General Tsao's Chicken II. I have no idea what story is standing behind the name of this dish. Is it General Tsao's favourite dish? Is it General Tsao's own concoction due to his love for orange sauce? And what's with the 'II'... his second dish? The improved version? I think I better stop guessing but I was attracted to the name of the dish and orange zest in the recipe made me decide to give it a try. The taste... I like it~! Fish... just keep swimming... just keep swimming swimming swimming. Dead... can't swim. Clean the fish. No more scales. Need ginger to remove whatever unpleasant fishy smell. That rock sugar makes the soy sauce tastes fantastic. Oh, I just enjoy cooking Chinese cuisine... can't blame me. I'm a Chinese. I don't even remember what type of fish I bought. The flesh is so soft and juicy. Eat with rice and everything is simply just so delicious. There's not much to write about cooking I guess. I prepare them, start cooking. Make sure I have all the ingredients ready. Improvise some of the recipes. Remove stuff that I can't get from the market here. Add something that I like. Make it more tasty. Then, you eat.

It was a lonely lunch hour for me today. My two kids had to stay back in school for school activities. After cooking, I sat all alone in the kitchen and have lunch all ALONE~! It's so lonely sitting in the quiet kitchen...

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