Monday, June 13, 2011


Today marks the end of the first semester break. It's a brand new day. And I started it with aching bones all over. Woke up and started dusting the house, mopped 75% of the house. The floor sparkles. I have to hava changed mentality. As long as there's humans staying in a house, the house will be messy. Everybody's house got dust so live with it. I managed to stay up for my morning class and immediately after that, I fall flat on the bed. Waking up now to prepare lunch. Then, I will look for minutes in between to rest myself. It's such a torture having to work when one is not feeling well at all.

My hubby says that I online too often, which is very true. I tried the 12-steps programme to stop my addiction but that didn't go well at all. So, I made a promise to him yesterday that I will not online at night when he's around. Instead, I'll find time to online when he's out working. *sigh* Tough... it's tough. Bye bye to Internet at night.

Gotta pick myself up and get my butt moving at the kitchen.

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