Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kitchen Malfunction...

I guess not everything will turned out perfect every day. For example that burnt Norwegian Pork Roast, completely burnt in the crockpot itself. I went to the gym and asked the cleaning lady how to rescue the burnt meat. She suggested adding water and continue boiling it but then it didn't help. The meat was so hard if I throw it at a dog's head, the dog will have concussion and never be able to recognize anyone anymore. It might even forget how to bark. Now, everything went haywire from there. It was Spanish rice today. I multiplied the ingredients to give more taste but well... the rice left me wordless. It was totally bland. So tasteless that even the starchy rice couldn't do anything to help bring out the taste.Topped with that burnt Norwegian piece of plank. I prefer chewing on a piece of wood rather than that. Since there's nothing left to eat, I smartly prepared a vege dish. Took out the two cans of green curry tuna from the rack. Mixed them together... *yummy* Green curry~! Took out a spoon to try the taste... *gulp**gasp* How could this happen to me all in one day?? How could that be... it's not my first time cooking but... how could this happen? I went on hunger strike after that. Then, my pineapple offered to prepare some dessert for me. I didn't have any appetizer, neither did I have any soup and absolutely no main course and there... she offered to give me a good appetizer. I left the kitchen for her to take charge. When I came back from work... viola~! Dessert in the refrigerator. It's suppose to be creamy... but honey~!! What on earth is that. That is better than the punching bag. Even the fork could stand perpendicularly without moving an inch. It's so hard and oh, dear... my whole block of butter, chocolate for my chocolate drink, condensed milk and what else did you put inside there?? It's so hard... and it's extremely sweet. I went for the second round of hunger strike. My mama saved me after that. Even the 'char koay teow' that I hated so much, I seem to be enjoying it. And there's fried Jawa noodles. Oh... they tasted so good. Went to the new Tesco for fun. Midnite walk in the hypermarket. Bread History had a surprise promotion. 3 pieces of any buns for only RM5. Munched one on the way out of the place. Bought 4 small trays of durians from Tesco. Cost me RM10 only. Dirt cheap again. Ahhh... I'm so full... but I'm going to sleep... don't care... I'll hold on to my belief. As long as I can stand straight, look downwards and still see my whole leg clearly without my view being blocked by my stomach, I'm considered not fat at all.

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