Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Very Inspiring...

This is one very inspiring movie for those who like to cook and has nothing else to do in life. It's about starting something and finishing what you started which I don't seem to be able to do. I always leave things hanging. I've never seen Julia Child's Mastering the French Cooking being sold here and even if it's being sold here, I might not be able to get all the ingredients. Worst of all, I may not understand what's written at all. I can't understand a word of French. The best cook book that I can follow will be that written by Amy Beh... but the sad thing is after cleaning the house, I don't even know where all the cook books are. My mama is a cookbook collector and I plan to make full use of those books. There are books written by Chef Wan which is delicious as well. The rest of the cook books in the market... *sigh* I tried some but I have to modify them to bring the taste out in the best way. Happy cooking to me... but I doubt I can do like what Julie did in the movie.

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