Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Abused, Broken and Completely Destroyed...

This is not just merely a book. This is about the life of Peter Tyrrell. His account of abuse and corporal punishment in Letterfrack, a Catholic school for the very poor children of Ireland. How sad it is to read about how he torched himself up because no one refused to listen to his plea. It is not surprising to read that this little boy does not believe in God at all for the Catholics, who are so religious, tortured the children and beat them up for nothing. Sadists, I should say of these people who mishandled the children. I wonder how's the system in Ireland is now. Are they still using corporal punishments in school?

When a child is abused constantly for years, the child will be broken physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually thus, the child's life is completely destroyed. A child should be nurtured in love and that child while flourish in life.

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