Sunday, August 28, 2011

Penang Bridge...

I used the Coastal Way and the Jelutong Expressway daily... without fail. Every Saturday nite, when I'm the passenger instead of the one behind the wheel, I will look out to the Penang Bridge and wonder how some cars get underneath the bridge. The orange lights along the bridge makes it so magnificent. I'm very sure if I'm seeing it from the airplane, it will be breathtaking. You don't know how crazy I am just to snap some photos. It was pitch dark and I was standing out at the sea on the floating cement planks. It was wobbly as the waves were not that friendly yesterday night due to excessive rain for four days straight including today. I was trying to get the best shot and fidgeting with the camera's light exposure. It was so wobbly my legs started to feel like jelly. I couldn't think of what will happen if I were to drop into the murky sea water. This is my first time standing under the bridge. Because the bridge is connected in parts, the tyres will make thumping sound when driving on those metal bars across the bridge. From below, it sounded more like the train chugging on the tracks. We have very good imagination. We were afraid that the car will jumped off the bridge and land on us down below. There were quite a handful of people down there. Beer cans were strewn everywhere. It's not a good place to go alone. Not safe. They were quite rowdy yesterday nite, celebrating birthday and with beer cans in their hands. We left abruptly after snapping a few more photos. It's not good to mingle around and invite trouble. I guess many people have not been to this place. We created a stone-throwing competition to see who can throw the stone the furthest... spent at least an hour there.

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