Sunday, August 07, 2011

Dying With My Recipes...

After more than a month of my cooking adventure, I realize that if I follow the ingredients stated in the recipes to the dot, I will be boiling a pot of tasteless soup and have a whole wok of bland noodles or even worse, a terrible under-enhanced chicken or a wide-eyed fish staring back at me forlornly. Since I already have experience in cooking for years, I modified everything and added many more stuff into the pot.... especially Hokkien Mee. The recipe only shared the very basic ingredients but not the main ingredient for the soup base. My hubby is a great cook, too so he knows more than I do.

I do understand why the minimal sharing of recipes. Everyone will die with their own recipes. If you were to ask me to share with you what I put in my burger patties or the amount of sauces I put in a marinade, sorry... I won't even share that with you. Not because I do not want to but I simply do not know how. I have no idea how many tablespoons because I just took the bottle up and started shaking them to my hearts content. As long as I'm satisfied with the colour and smell and I know it in my heart it's enough, then I stop. A little bit of this and that is not the total truth. When I say a little bit, it's actually a lot.

And I cannot remember what I added to make the dishes perfect. In conclusion, yes... I will die with my recipes. I share photos with you but not the recipes. I don't intend to tell what I put in my burger patties... that's my special formulae. As long as you like having your meals in my house, I will welcome you in :D

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