Monday, August 29, 2011

Fabulous Monday...

A fabulous Monday, my second day of holiday. I've been waiting for this whole week since 6 months ago. I have eyes for the Year 2011 holidays since November 2010. I'm mad about holidays nowadays.

Today started really well. I woke up around 12 noon then started reading on the book which I have started yesterday. Today's plan is to stay in the house and be oblivious towards anything that happen outside of the house. I'm staying in the heart of the city and I'm not bothered whether it's in a horrible bumper-to-bumper jam or the city is completely empty as most of the city dwellers and holiday-maker have arrived to support our economy by having a shopping spree whatnot with the ongoing sales. At 2:30 p.m. I was thinking about food. My kitchen is close for the week but we need food. So I rummaged through the refrigerator and huge freezer to find these burgers made earlier, a few months back in fact. There are no leftovers in the refrigerator as all my pots and pans were licked clean by guinea pigs of all ages.

I've bought a metre of cross-stitch cloth yesterday to pick up on my stitching again. My fingers itch to stitch. We've even have our hotel room booked for the December holidays. It's my first time booking so far ahead of time and most rooms have been booked earlier... *sigh* I'm still a very spontaneous and last minute person. Now, I have to draw up an itinerary for the holiday as to make full use of the time. I hope it won't be too rush as I do not enjoy a rushed holiday. I prefer a relaxing one where time is not my enemy.

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