Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Bang~! The wooden door shut tightly with a loud bang. I have very fast hands when I'm in a hurry. So fast it frightens me. My right hand was about to reach for the padlock with the key stuck in the hole but then my hubby and I were staring at the padlock. There's no key. I don't have my key in my bag. He didn't have his bunch of keys with him. And I'm going to be late for work. All the keys are in the house and we're standing outside of the house.

After watching so many movies, we tried to break into our own house. We used whatever cards we have, trying to slide it in. We used the plastic ruler until it broke into pieces. I was about to break the door. Then, we started praying for wisdom. And wisdom was what God gave us. We removed one of the many windows, stuck one arm in and turned the knob. Viola~! We broke into our own house in less than 5 minutes. That got me thinking. If I can do that easily, anybody can break into my house. I don't feel safe anymore.

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