Saturday, August 06, 2011

Penang's #6 Street Food...

Penang Assam Laksa

It's listed as the #7 in CNN International Food Survey. I list it as #6 for my own list but I would rather not put it in my list at all. It's not my favourite food at all. The only laksa I like is the one in Jalan Tengah. I have a terrible headache after preparing for myself a bowl of laksa with some vegetables and leaves that permeate that smell of laksa. This is one of the most tedious food preparation that I got myself into. There are just too many ingredients for one pot of fishy soup. Chopping this, chopping that, put them in blender. Make sure it's spicy enough. You need the right stuff to make it right. There's no substitute for anything. If you can't get it then just go to the nearest hawker stall and buy back a packet, easier than chopping away in the kitchen. I wanted to hire a cat to de-bone the mackerels. I have to admit that I underestimate the number of mackerels that I needed for the laksa soup. I bought only 12 miserable mackerels that by the time I removed the flesh from the bones, I have not much for a few tablespoons of mackerel flesh. If I dumped everything into the big pot of soup, I'll never be able to find them anymore. The sweet fishy taste of the mackerels is really important. And it's of utmost importance to be able to taste the fish and see pieces of fish meat floating in the soup whenever you scoop a spoonful of the soup. And it's seriously not easy to please everyone. I like my soup to be mixed with a lot of prawn paste. I like it sweet and salty. And since I'm cooking for at least 12 people, I did receive a lot of feedbacks. Not sour enough, too much prawn paste, too sweet, just nice, perfect, the soup is empty and so much and so forth. The easiest is just go to the stall that sells the type of laksa that you wanted. I like mine and I like that way. I will try for the second and last attempt to make it right this time with at least 40 mackerels to fill the pot or even more. I seriously have to hire a cake to de-bone the fish. And I like my laksa completely empty. Not even a leave of anything.

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