Tuesday, August 09, 2011

McJu's Juicy Lucy...

After making my own hamburgers for more than a month, I think I will make a pass for McD's or Burger King's. Nothing tasted better than McJu. It looks simple yet it's from our hands that make them special. You'll never find a hubby who will sit with you in the kitchen and make the burger patties together with you late at night. This burger is leaking with cheddar cheese. I think next time round I have to put in more cheddar so that it will leak more. As long as it's leaking, I find myself successful. That's with the horrid smell blue cheese. It doesn't leak but it disappeared and mixed into the patty. Look at the hollow middle. I still have a little bit of blue cheese sitting in the refrigerator and I have no idea what I'm gonna do with it. Now, I've experimented on the few types of cheese that we have and I notice that sandwich cheese leaks the most. That's Monterey Jack cheese and it leaks, too.

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