Tuesday, August 23, 2011

...And To Hell They Will Go...

After living in Penang for my whole life, I just realized that this whole Island is so steep with idol worshipping. Satan is worshipped in the open area along the main roads. This month is the Hungry Ghost Festival, the 7th month in the Chinese lunar calendar. At the strike of midnight, the cymbals clanged to release the devils from the pit of hell. Now, Penang Island is one tourist destination earmarked for the heritage zone and the street food. I think we have lost all the lustre and this little island is now giving life-changing tour of Hell.

It's so surprising to read about it in the newspaper and to know that there are so many people eager to go to hell. Well, are they planning on what to bring when they die and really end up there? And meeting your loved ones down there? Are these people so shallow-minded that they have never heard of the familiar spirit? If you're going to meet your grandfather down there, I really pity you. It must be a pitiful sight to look at. Why are these people so eager to go to hell? I wouldn't want to step in there at all.

There's a very high chance the spirit will not return. Isn't that sad. You'll be dead and stuck in hell forever, not knowing how to go to heaven. I seriously can't understand those who are taught that after they die, they're going to hell. That's really depressing. And by doing a lot of good work only then they have a slight change to enter heaven. If not they will end up to be an animal. Argh~! And how are you going to measure the amount and quantity of good work? A rich person will be able to do a lot of good work but that wouldn't be fair to those who can't afford to even feed themselves yet they have to show kindness by feeding others' so that they are able to enter heaven. No chance at all...

Jesus offers to be a bridge for us to be in heaven in God's kingdom. The way to heaven is not measured by the merits in our lives, but by the grace of God. I hope that those who will be going for the hell tour, if they manage to come back to this earth, they will come crawling to Jesus and repent. A little bit of fire hurts but burning there for eternity... one have to do some serious thinking if one thinks that staying in hell is a good place and the only place one can go. There's always a choice to be made, you either end up below or above.

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