Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Nyonya Cuisine: Lam Mee...

Hehehe... I've changed to Nyonya cuisine for the time being. There's not much of hawker food that I like. So Nyonya cuisine now. I like nyonya food a lot. The preparation is a hundred times worse than that of preparing ingredients for hawker food. There's more grinding, chopping and boiling, peeling and frying and everything else. It's like your whole life is stitched in the kitchen only and no other part of the house. Lam Mee is actually birthday noodles. I would prefer a cake or western dinner instead of lam mee on my birthday. I just made this yesterday and it's no one's birthday. I have yellow noodle in the refrigerator that's untouched so my hubby chose this dish. Looks simple rite? Wait till you have to prepare the soup. You're gonna faint with so many things to do and not to forget, that's slices of pork belly. Soft and tender... that's how I made it. See half of the calamansi lime? Squeeze it but how come I taste no difference at all?

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