Tuesday, August 09, 2011

City View...

I have a great city view from the other bedroom. After cleaning the house, I opened the windows after not touching it for 10 years. It's a beautiful view at night. I don't have time to open the windows in the morning but I guess it's just building with dull colours. The night lights make the buildings look very extravagant. The lone tower is the KOMTAR tower, the tallest building in Penang. On the right, the twin blocks are from Penang Times Square. If there's any fireworks display, I can get a full view of it from the window. Well, I shut that window away again due to excessive bird shit. This whole apartment building has birds staying outside our windows so it's not wise to clean it up as it will be bombed again with more bird shit. Inhaling the fumes from the shit is hazardous. No more view again. Just curtains.

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