Tuesday, November 05, 2013

A Quiet Happy Monday...

It's Monday. My girls got no school *hip hip hooray* I don't have to be the driver *double woots* and I woke up from the right side of the bed. But there's only one side to wake up from my bed. Well, I planned to wake up earlier than usual so that I could go to work and prepare some paperwork before the class started. It wasn't easier to multi-task but I showed a better result when I was multitasking. I snooze the alarm 6 times until I knew I couldn't drag any longer. I don't suffer from Monday blues. Everyday's the same for me.
I don't really have a habit of breaking fast early in the morning. Yes, I do fast... I fast everyday for at least 7 hours when the sun wasn't up yet. Hubby is the one who is responsible for building my appetite for breakfast and I don't plan to cook. I went over to the coffee shop which was just 2 minutes walk from the house and bought 5 packets of koay teow th'ng. Do you think I will have them all? Actually yes... I could finish a whole big pot of them but instead, I left 2 packets on the dining table and kidnapped the other 3 packets for self. I ate a packet every 3 hours. I love it... but I'm very particular with the soup. I'm actually a very picky person when it comes to food. I don't eat everything and I eat only a selected few that's really delicious, is that why nobody wants to cook for me except for mi mama and mi hubby? Hey, I managed to restrain myself from spending so much time online rather than getting my paperwork done. It was really boring having to do paperwork and I was kinda distracted whenever the phone sounded, indicating that I have messages coming in through Facebook. I managed though. I'm not lazy most of the time.

Hubby has to work but  by the time I reach home, he's already home and we went for another date, walking around aimlessly at the shopping mall. All shopping malls don't seem to look appealing to me anymore. I'm really bored with all the clothes, shoes, bags, more clothes, more shoes and more bags. I am thrilled to see when there's an exhibition on cars. Good Lord, when can I change my car? Should I wait or should I just get the Mazda 6 and where's the showroom for Mazda 6? My initial plan was to stay at home and practice the piano... which everyone knows wouldn't happen. How could I just sit at home when I have the opportunity to flap my wings?

Since we have nothing to do and nowhere to go and not enough time to catch a movie, we were filling up our stomach. Just a moment before that, we were saying that it's time to slim down. Go to the gym? Nah... don't have time for that... but we have the free time to indulge in good food. I love Japanese food... I just love nicely decorated food. Seem kinda more attractive... so we had some chicken, beef, lobster salad, the giant squid and food that's definitely delicious but I couldn't remember the name of all those. Sushi Tei made my day but I would be staring at this once in awhile... reminiscing our on-the-spot dating venue. 
My oven gave me a searing kiss on Sunday. I'm currently NOT talking to my oven... leaving it alone... but I'm planning to upgrade my daily menu. Since restaurants charge so much for a simple dish, might as well I try to produce them myself since I have the time to do so?

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