Sunday, November 03, 2013

The Day I Erupted Like A Volcano...

I am still taking piano lessons due to some reasons which I don't feel like talking about. Stopped for a month and I wanted to stop forever but the kitchen angel, yeah my kitchen angel is extricated from a music school, not a culinary arts centre, wanted me to continue and the hubby went straight to make payment for the July lesson. Men... I don't know how their brains work... but I think I'm obedient enough to just go along with everything.
Got myself a new friend with the new tutor. I'm generally an over-friendly person so I can be friends with anyone. Some hiccups appeared like the difficulties to photocopy some scores. I can deal with that, just need to stand there and smile my biggest smile. So, just let's say that it's settled.

Now, last Thursday, my lesson came to an abrupt halt when I exploded. I was seriously stressed up in the kitchen and I was looking forward to the lesson as a form of de-stressing time. It was suppose to be an awesome hour but in less than 15 minutes, I was fuming mad.
The 19-page score...
I was charged for photocopying because students are not given the privilege to photocopy. I'm not going to tell you which music school was that that has the lousiest management system, definitely oozing with pus from the inside out not to mention the rundown-like place. I wasn't that mad being charged 10 cents for a piece of paper but I got really angry when I sat there and asked the same question "WHY SHOULD I PAY WHEN I ALREADY PAID THE FEES?" for more than 10 times but no one gave me an answer. I have photographic memory when it comes to terms and conditions. I don't see any statement regarding being charged for any photocopying. And since I was pointed to the lady sitting at the other corner to get my answer from, I thought of not bothering to ask but surprisingly, I walked straight into her protected box and I got the best answer of the year. Students are not given any privileges and I have to pay because the xerox machine need to be maintained. What the effing problem, lady? Why don't you just send me the bill and I can use the xerox machine for my own purposes as well. You know I can afford to pay but you went the wrong way, explained in the wrong way and it was just so wrong in every corner. If you've just said that the price of paper has increased, I would have gladly brought in a whole box of high quality and expensive A4 papers as a form of donation. I have lots of papers that can bury you deeper than your own grave.

I was hopping mad for an hour and everything ugly about the place just surfaced out. The air-conditioning system in the next studio room wasn't working at all, it was blowing hot air. The piano needs tuning. And please use soft boards to absorb all the sound. While I was hopping mad, the boy who played Autumn Leaves for the last freaking months in the next room, just went on and on, playing it all wrong. And need I mention that the price of some books that have been resting on the shelves just went up by more than 20%. The books have to pay for rental of the shelves as well? Shouldn't you reduce the price when it has not been able to attract any buyers after more than a decade? Yeah, I was there more than a decade ago and I remember which faces I have seen before and I do remember that the arrangement of the whole place was still the same. No changes physically and definitely needing a revamp to the management system.

I think I'm mellowing down but deep down, I wanted to shove the shelves out of its place, and throw everything out into the road and smash everything into pieces. And punch the lady in the face then photostat a thousand copies of her pretty face for the fun of it. But well... I did not. I walked up into the room and spewed my lava in there. 

A music school needs students to survive and of course the teachers. Looks like your management went haywire when you abused a student and used the teachers. I am a difficult person to handle and very nasty when you stepped on my tail. Let the sleeping dogs lie and definitely, let the lioness rest as well. I used my veto power to quit without discussing with the hubby. And I am very happy with myself... 

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