Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cupcakes - Zebra Cakes - Cupcakes - More Cupcakes...

It's just another afternoon with nothing much to do. The whole house needs the air-conditioning system to work 24/7 or else, we would melt in the house. It's so hot. And guess what? My girls contributed more heat to the house.... weren't they great? The kitchen started producing cupcakes at 5 p.m. 

The kitchen has ample supply of self-raising flour and caster sugar. The only supply that keeps running out was butter. We had very limited supply because I don't plan to bake or do anything that has to do with pastry for a long long time. But thank God, the girls have more than enough butter to make three different types of cupcakes. They're very productive and creative. The difference was, when I was baking cupcakes, I had to make them in so many batches because it was never enough to go round but this time round, the kids made only one round of everything to try out. 

So, they started with the marble cupcakes.. .I think... I have no idea what they were up to. I wasn't that interested or else they would ask me to help out, which was a no no. By now I've hammered into their heads the basic of making cupcakes. The rest, they can read the instructions, printed clearly in the books with colourful illustrations.

Mi mama was in a baking frenzy, too. Mi mama made a zebra cake... mmm.... the zebra stripes decided to mix together in between. Nice taste... now I'm becoming the guinea pig? I'm on a diet la... but I swallowed how many cupcakes already... *sigh*

At first the girls thought there wasn't enough butter but being the queen slave of the house, I managed to dig out some extra butter, hidden in the fridge. Not hidden actually, more like they were too lazy to look for butter in the quite empty refrigerator. The next thing I knew, they were dividing the butter into two different portions. Hhhmmm... teenagers... with all the energy... they even have the energy to decorate those cupcakes after leaving the cupcakes to cool down right in front of the air-cond.

I like to bake... sometimes... geez... I don't even know what I really like. I seem to like a lot of stuff and then suddenly, I change... shucks... the photos from the camera were too big to be loaded up into the blog... haih...

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