Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why Must Everything Go Wrong...?

It's all about time. I don't have any free time. I have a little bit here and there which isn't enough to do anything to feel the satisfaction. I've accepted a friend's challenge. 
So I've arranged to go back to Clark Hatch Fitness Club. Believe me when I tell you Clark Hatch used to be right next door and I just walked over with only a towel and my faithful MP3 and I'll spend 3 hours there. The sheer pleasure of building muscles, you will never understand unless you are really into it. Then, Clark Hatch decided to close doors because some restaurants or bar bought up the place. I was robbed of the activity that I was so attached to. I went off to another Clark Hatch for ladies only but I have to drive there. That shortened my time and the equipment was just different. Don't like the place, sad to say and don't like the drive to and fro. So I stopped and changed my focus towards the kitchen. I have no idea how did I cook yet find the time to be at the gym but I know I have shortened the time to only a short hour at the gym which was really sad. 

Now that I have arranged to go back and I realized that I only have three days that I'm in town and I only have an hour each day to spare. It won't be worth paying for. Looks like I have accepted the challenge and I'll have to keep to my words and try my best with whatever equipment that is in the house. It's not easy to live in two different houses with a piece of equipment here and another piece there and it's not wise to shift everything into one house as I might be in another house one day and the next in another day. This is tough.... no more carbs... been there, done that, starting all over... I think I added 15kg after cooking all those delicious food... 
I have quite a bit of free time today which I plan to lie low inside the comforter with the sun shining into the room and read the whole book. I brought the book downstairs and then went off to the market and smart me totally forget to pack the book into the bag. The heart plummeted while emptying the almost empty bag hunting for the thick book. How could one thick book go into hiding? Great... I did not bring the book. I know I wanted to update the blog but right now I just want to read. I wanted to update on some other stuff but I'm still waiting for the photo and waiting for something which I know not whether I will have it or not. I hate waiting. 
The book... this book. Chin Up. I've always wanted it but I don't know why I didn't buy it. I was waiting for the book to come to me. I have always have this odd feeling about waiting. There are things that I can wait for years and years to come, I know it will come. But there are just things that I can't wait. I need to have it immediately. So yeah... actually hubby got it at the Revo Party but since I'm the wifey, whatever the hubby owns, they belong to the wife. But whatever the wife owns, they belong to the wife. Period. By the way, I wanted to continue reading this book from where I left off but sad to say, the book is also on the table in another house. *sigh* I'm left with nothing to read except for some literature books which I have read.

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