Thursday, November 28, 2013

Stop N Shoot...Point N Shoot...

Now, who's that crazy to stop and snap a photo? I am... I have to admit I have been doing that since the first digital camera was introduced in the market. When I was in primary school, I was holding a camera with the rolling films, seeing the negatives washed and turned into colourful photos just made me happy. I have all the clear shots and with a digital camera in hand, I snapped more photos than I used to. 

The one above wasn't that clear because when I stopped the car, the rainbow was diminishing real fast. I really admire those who snapped the sunrise and the sunset. I don't have a DSLR not because I can't afford that but I just don't want to carry anything that's so heavy. The first thing that will go missing is the tripod stand, I'm gonna leave it somewhere standing by the beach, look at it from far and thinking to myself,"Who the heck leave a tripod there?" That would be mine. The next thing that would go missing and I will only realize it after a few days or weeks will be the whole camera bag with all sorts of lens. And finally I might leave the camera hanging behind the door of a public toilet. There... there... that's the fear the whole house has if they get me a DSLR.

So I survive on the little compact camera. If it goes missing I will cry for a few days or weeks with all the missing photos then I will crawl to the shop and get another new one. 

You know the photos look perfect in your camera screen then when it's uploaded into the computer, it looks a tad different, like pixels have been stretched, that sort of thing. I've just changed mine to the highest resolution I can get from the camera, 14.2 M with more compact pixels and guess what, it's awesome in the camera screen until it appeared in the social network site. I think it has been reduced to 2 M. Last time with 10M it couldn't be uploaded at all. Now the only problem was imageshack couldn't support such heavy and compact photo thus, I wasn't able to upload any of the photos with 14 Megapixels and transfer them to the blog. I used up the space in Picasa so I needed another site to whole my photos. Actually I could edit the photos straight from the camera into 3M or 1M but that would be so tedious and I just don't have the patience to do such a thing. The easier way would be to choose the photos that I wanted in my blog from Facebook, download it back into the computer and then let imageshack hold it for me.

All in all... I can't find any patience in doing all these... so the blog posts will be... slow with updates. I'm going to practice patience... will start fishing with the hubby starting this Sunday BUT I might be busy with the camera instead of the fishing rod.

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