Saturday, November 09, 2013

Ender's Game... Must Watch...

What was it all about? I'm kinda outdated with books and movies generally so I was just flipping through the newspapers to see what movie was available with the right time schedule. Ender's Game seems kinda interesting and we watched a little of the movie trailer through YouTube. Don't trust the trailers too much, got tricked many many times.

If you've read about Divergent or understand the story behind the Hunger Games, it was more like using your mind to its fullest capacity in a very different way. There seems to be a lot of simulations... maybe in real life there is one and then you can be whoever or whatever and do everything that you can't do with limited abilities. But the human mind can stretch in ways of creativity and if your imagination is fully developed, you will be amazed with what you can think of. I wouldn't mind trying out a simulation and test my capacity and capability in a situation to see how far I can go. But I wouldn't want it to damage my brain permanently.

Let's scrape off the story line a little bit. The big picture in all Hollywood movies are almost the same. For the latest sci-fi movies, you have all these aliens invading our planet Earth and as a form of retaliation or protection, we humans will fight back using the latest technology. The human race will succeed. The end... how boring. But watch Ender's Game... the graphics are just simply awesome, very detailed and if you love computer games, you have this in full screen. Like the computer games actually come alive. 

Oh, another reason I chose this movie was because of Harrison Ford. Without him, I wouldn't watch it... whether he's ancient or young, we like Harrison Ford. You put Bruce Willis in a movie, I wouldn't bother checking out the trailer, I'll be queuing up for the tickets three days before. 

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