Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Thor 2 - The Next - Something Borrowed...

I had a great weekend, according to my standard of great. I only had 3 hours of class in the morning which I spent cleaning up the whole house, got rid of all the cobwebs dangling from the ceiling and changed the layout of the whole house. My precious and youngest woke up early to help clean up the place. I have started the work a week earlier and now I'm completely satisfied. Then, we went over to the cinema at the very last minute and got ourselves 5 seats, separated from each other and it wasn't that bad sitting on the second row from the screen. We sat on the front row before as we were kinda desperate.

Thor 2 was a wonderful movie. I told you many times, as long as there's action in it I'm okay. The narration of the story about how everything happened was kinda boring to me. And I don't bother to understand the astrophysics about everything especially when it comes to Hollywood science. Not bothered at all how gravity wasn't working in some parts and you could be transported from one universe to another. Ask Stanley, the comic writer. He must have a brilliant mind full of imagination to write out all the Marvel comics. What's the name of the actor playing Thor? See... I am this ignorant... but he's really handsome. That's what matters in a movie... but, hey... the part where Loki died, I thought it was for real but in the end he got the throne. 

My Sunday evening was even better. I spent my dinner chewing on the sausages and then crawled upstairs and cuddled with the hubby while we watched movie dug out from the many boxes filled with digital compact discs. I couldn't be bothered to pick the movie. There were too many and by the time I decide on one, the hubby would have fallen asleep so I gave him the privilege to surprise me. And the next thing I knew, we were watching The Next. By the way, you couldn't cuddle each other and concentrate on a fast-moving movie both at once. It's a Hollywood form of disillusion, same as it is really uncomfortable walking with hands around each others' waist, so uncomfortable that I felt like breaking my arm and hang it around the hubby's shoulder so it wouldn't be such a burden. 

The Next was quite different. Nicolas Cage could read into the future and the surprising part, more like I felt I've been cheated in the movie was, after he played out the scenes of what would happen, it actually never happen. He was just playing the scene out in his head and we spent an hour or so watching that. Only then the real thing happen but it was already THE END. It was still early so we continued with another movie.

Something Borrowed was more fun to watch. But in the end, both characters - lawyers were stupid. Never like the kind of people who has no guts to express their own feelings. Hmmm... but at least it wasn't such a 'heavy' movie. Watching action pack movies or movies with very good story line will make your head reel and suck the energy out of your head because you need to think about the movie. Lovey dovey movies are easy to watch... just that sometimes the ending might be sad and depressing. Something Borrowed has a good ending though. 
Oh, yeah... we are a boring couple. I can't think of anything more romantic than staying at home, running around the house naked and fart as I wish. Release it out loud and yeah... that feels really good, gas the whole house with poisonous gas, but not deadly... that is sexily romantic according to my dictionary.

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