Friday, November 15, 2013

Balanced.... Fingers...

I'm putting in some effort instead of merely sight-reading. To laugh or to cry? I'm emotionless. The most I can do is to play like the professionals to impress the four walls of my piano room. I have the urge to shift the volume to the max to torture the neighbours for six hours straight. It's a really quiet neighbourhood so nothing wrong to bring it alive. 
You can click on the videos to listen. You just need to pause what's playing on the bottom part of my site. Or just listen to them from YouTube straight. I need someone to play for me before I start playing but looks like I need the YouTube to play for me now... *sigh* It's 19 pages long but kinda nice. I realized that I sort of love classical music rather than jazz. I have no feel for jazz and definitely no love for those soap opera songs where you need to tear your heart out and play until those who listen will shed a tear or two. I'm not the emotional type. Sitting on the piano can be very addictive. I can play for the whole day and forget about the entire world. 
So I tried to balance my life a bit just for today. I still have to work until 10p.m. so instead of sitting in front of the piano and the computer screen for the whole day, I woke up and released the bicycle from the huge chain then went cycling. Instead of just 20 rounds, I went for 25 rounds. It was grueling and felt good both at the same time. I was really happy whenever I see my own house because that's where the number of rounds increase. I might want to cycle again tonight but I need to attend to the piano to perfect that sonata. I wish I have the talent of Mozart so I need not put in any effort.

I met the usual joggers around the field. So instead of jogging now I'm cycling and we still get to say hi whenever we see each other. Looks like quite a number of people know me but I don't know them lor. I saw a lady wearing a thick jacket while jogging at 9 a.m. Lady, are you mad or what? It's freaking hot I'm wearing as little as possible. If I have really good body shape I would be cycling with just my bra and panties on. It's so freaking hot out there I was cycling faster and faster just to have the feel of wind from the opposite direction of movement. Hey, two houses along the stretch actually have pianos. But they play boring songs... too slow. I like fast songs then I can have my fingers flying along the keys. 

The weekend is peeping through at the corner. I still haven't decide what to do for tomorrow. Gosh... I wish I'm not such a last minute person but looks like I'll always be one. I have no plans for the coming trips. No plans for the holidays except that I know I'll be having a great time... I won't be hanging around in the house.. that's for sure. I love the outdoors.

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