Sunday, November 17, 2013

Daleth... Your Dwelling Place...

This is a dry subject which Ps. HC shared on Saturday. Ps. HC has the ability to share dry topics that's so solid if you do not grasp the meaning fast enough, you might end up choking mentally and spiritually lost in transaction.

Psalm 119:25-27 --> Life in Your Word
25 I lie in the dust. I’m about to die.
    Keep me alive as you have promised.
26 I told you how I’ve lived, and you gave me your answer.
    Teach me your orders.
27 Help me understand what your rules can teach me.
    Then I’ll spend time thinking about the miracles you have done.
It was understood that the Psalmist was down in the dumps. He must have faced some rubbish in life that he found no way out. The only thing he could think of was death itself. But at the same time, the heart was crying out to the Creator, to be kept alive. The Psalmist wanted to learn God's orders. You know God's orders? Those are the two greatest commandments.
Both sounded really easy to keep. To love Him with all your heart is equivalent to give your life away for if need be. Most will not be willing to do so. The phrase 'I Love You' is not a lip service but it's an act of love which must be carried out with all your mind and all your strength. I think I fall short of that as I'm distracted with the worldly things... such as the smartphone. I can be very busy attending to the phone and forget about God, at times. You did that as well... don't point a finger at me, you're having three of your fingers pointing back at you. It's like a pot calling a kettle black. 

Love your neighbour as yourself. Can you really do that? Of course you can love your own friends but most of the time, your real neighbours are not even your friends. So, strive to make these two commandments as something of utmost importance in your life. Don't forget, your neighbour might not love you back. Your neighbour might find you irritating when you always go around asking them,"Hey, how are you?" That might be because they don't even know how to answer your question. The most courteous and insincere answer to stop you from prying into their private life.... the answer you've learn in kindergarten in order to answer that question.... is no other than.... I'M FINE, THANK YOU.

Psalm 119:28-30 --> Strengthen by Your Word
28 My sadness has worn me out.
    Give me strength as you have promised.
29 Keep me from cheating and telling lies.
    Be kind and teach me your law.
30 I have chosen to be faithful to you.
    I put my trust in your laws.
Sadness can worn a person out. You will have to personally experience that to know how it felt like. You will be crying without tears because even the well of tears is dried up. But cling on to His strength as He has promised. You know, if you put your trust in men, they will only bring you more sadness. Men are quick with their words and then they forget their promises, and you will be left with empty promises, like the resounding gong. Such bitterness destroys relationship and friendship. Thus, it is better to trust in the Lord for God has no mood swings and will not choose to forget the promises He has given out. Live freely for a person who lives with unforgiveness will cringe in despair. Unforgiveness is poison to the body and soul.
Psalm 119: 31-32 --> Run into Your Word
31 Lord, I’m careful to obey your covenant laws.
    Don’t let me be put to shame.
32 I am quick to follow your commands,
    because you have set my heart free.
Over here, the Psalmist was pleading to the Lord not to put him in shame. To be ashamed is just like losing one's dignity. You can't lift you head up high for you have no guts to face the world. 

I write according to what I understand. I find it really difficult to read Psalm but at the same time I'm like the Psalmist as well. Torn between two worlds. The flesh wanted to give up but the heart is hanging on to something dear. It's like living at the edge of the mountain with both hands hanging on but the strong wind is trying to blow you into the valley where you see no land from the top but only a hole with total darkness.

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