Thursday, November 07, 2013

Yen's Kitchen: The Nipplets~!

I subscribe to Good Food magazine monthly. My princess and my pineapple will browse through the magazine while the driver is busy zooming through the straight road with many traffic lights. When my princess was 12 years old, she told me she wanted to be a baker. I laughed at that and thought her imagination must be running wild. Out of all four, she's the one who always brings me straight A's and yes, please look at your fingers before saying that I practice favouritism in the house. All your fingers are not equal in length thus... make your own conclusion then. Love all of them but love them differently.
My precious, the princess in the house...
I just found out that she was quite hurt when I taught one of my students, more than a year ago, how to bake marble cake but I wouldn't even let her touch the cake mixer. It's not that I don't want her to be a baker, but she's my precious, the princess in the house, and I wouldn't want her to dirty her hands and then I was afraid that she might burn her delicate fingers or hurt herself while sieving the flour. Well, she's determine to make cookies this time round. She's in fact very adamant so I let her have her way, in condition, she doesn't bother me at all and she has to read the instructions all on her own. I will not go into the kitchen because you can never have two person running the kitchen. I have my ways and she has her own ways and she's the only one in the house who dares to answer me back. 
Nipples on a tray~!
She did a great job. Introducing to you the nipple cookies. Okay, I named that myself. It was suppose to be thumbprint cookies but they just didn't look like thumbprints to me. They look like.... nipples! A whole tray of them. I didn't really study the recipes but I took a glance of it as I need to prepare the ingredients for her. The main ingredient would be hazelnut powder so these nipplets really melt in the mouth. The first batch was tried out last Friday then since it was so delicious and I already quadrupled the ingredients earlier on, she did it on Tuesday and today, Wednesday. The nipplets disappeared really fast. I managed to salvage a few to send it to Judz and Juju has the privilege to suck on more nipples as she made a sudden drop to my castle.
Who wouldn't love this?
Awesome right? When we were getting the ingredients ready, my precious wanted to follow the recipe to the dot. It was written there a quarter cup of Nutella. She insisted that I buy the smallest bottle of Nutella but the queen has never been able to follow recipes to the dot. The queen here bought the largest bottle... so the queen was right... there wasn't much left of Nutella after all these.

By the way, you don't need to produce a child from your womb to have them follow after you. She talks like me that's why she dares to answer me back. And as good as the nipples cookies were, she said she won't be doing it anymore. No repeat... or should I say, enough of repeating? She wants to do something new... likewise the queen is busy experimenting on new stuff. Today, my pineapple tried doing this... it was delicious but just different. Different hands, same recipe, different results. The texture came out different. The princess produced the nipples cookies that melt in the mouth but my pineapple didn't manage to produce the same texture. 

More new stuff coming up... IF I'm not lazy to keep this piece of virtual diary updated... it proves to be really taxing to do it. You know I tried editing the photos by just simply scribbling my name on it, that proves to be taxing, too. Well... you can steal my photos but you can never steal my ability to cook out a storm neither can you imagine the exquisite taste nor smell it from here.

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