Saturday, November 09, 2013

LIKE (y)... Does It Really Matter?


You must be mad to think that it doesn't matter. Every 'LIKE' counts. Every 'LIKE' makes you feel lighter and floating in the air. Same goes for every comment. Oh, come on... let's be very honest... you don't just post up something then don't expect anyone to view it? Then, might as well save your time to do something more beneficial like sleeping or talking to your dog. Even the number of notifications shown on the icon on the top right will make your grumpy day a better one. Are we that crazy until we need those number of likes as a measure to whether we're having a good day or not? I don't know about you but at times I do really bother about those as I live half of my live virtually. And I have proof that there are people who felt down in the dumps looking at their Facebook.

My cousie was one good example. I thought she never like Facebook but when she saw that I have 70 as the number of notifications while she gets hardly 5, she said she was jealous. So, I should be jealous with those who receive more than a thousand notifications? It's no longer who has the greatest number of toys, it has become who receives the most 'likes' and comments. *sigh* That's a tiring race. You want to have all the number of likes you will have to study a little of this human psychology. What do people like to view in a picture? They want to see those magazine-like and postcard-like photos of scenery and food. Crazy things that people do. Then, in order to garner all those number of likes, you have to make sure that you have the type of people who engages into Facebook activities, clicking "LIKE" to everything in your friend's list. You get into accident, they like. I think if you post a picture of yourself dead in a coffin, they will like it also... it's because they don't read. They don't even bother to check out what happen actually. Heck, they are not even your friends. And you couldn't possibly add all those people who refuse to login into their Facebook account let alone browse through nonsense for hours, and expecting them to view your rubbish virtual assets.

And there's this photo of your selfie. Teenagers, they have puckered lips and then they make themselves look silly with the monkey-like face. Then they write in the caption "UGLY ME" then they get more than 200 likes and they're happy about it but when they reply to your comment they said 'Thank you but I feel so ugly". Demented I say... you want 10 000 likes in less than 15 minutes, release your boobs... your skinny legs will be a really good asset as well. And your hair... your face... Just shift house and stay virtually in Facebook. 

I have this student of mine who forced to go like her profile picture. When I refused to, she will grab my phone and went straight to view her own pictures and click "LIKE" using my account. Then, she will use my phone and go to her Instagram and started liking every picture of hers. Then she will go back to her own phone and view the number of notifications and she will be so happy. And I will be wondering... what has seriously gone wrong with her? So now before she throws a tantrum, I will diligently click "LIKE" to her everything before our class starts. How hardworking I am....

Just for you to know, there are people viewing your photos but don't have the habit to click LIKE and don't have the habit of putting a comment in every single photo... using the same boring words... NICE... VERY NICE... I LIKE IT.... LOVE THIS... GOSH, THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL... I view my friends' photos but I just don't have the habit to click, likewise I know some of you view my stuff but just don't have the habit to click LIKE... and sometimes I just go to my Facebook HOME and click LIKE to everything as I'm scrolling down. It works both ways... we're just humans... with our own peculiar streaks. 

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