Thursday, January 05, 2012


Woohoo~! I love aquatic animals... those with shells and uncountable legs, those that can be eaten, those with claws, those four-legged furry unfriendly mammals, those with fins and scales and not touchable fish, those weird looking prawns, those with horrible jagged teeth that can slice through your flesh in less than a minute and and and and... I don't know how to say it... but I can stay around Aquaria for hours and hours. Piranha~! Remember that movie? There were so many piranha in Aquaria. I thought we were gonna missed the feeding time but God is so good that the time to feed the piranha would only start at 4 p.m. We were there an hour earlier. The whole tank was filled with the ferocious carnivorous fresh water fish. They dropped two large fish as food and in less than 2 minutes the bones were even missing. It's said that they could only feed the fish twice a day as not to turn it into a really fierce fish. Aww... he looks so cuddly. Pity him.. he was scratching all over the whole time I was looking at him. I wanted to cuddle him like a teddy bear but I think he's not the type to be cuddled what not with the long and sharp fingernails. How long have they not bathe him? He must be infested with ticks? That looked like a plastic shark but it's actually real. I don't tend to jump into the pool to find out how ferocious it can get. It was really nice walking in the tunnel with the large turtle hovering around and the majestic stingray with the full flaps flapping away like it was flying but it was actually swimming. And it has a grinning face. I found this most entertaining. The ghost shark with soft bones for its head. I was hoping to snap its photos if it would just stay still. Lo' and behold, it stopped swimming completely right above my head. We had the chance to take turn snapping away with that ghost shark as our background, our main attraction actually. We became the foreground of the photos. That looked pretty cute.

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