Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cheated Breakfast...

Gracie recommended a well-known place for nasi lemak as our stomaches were growling for food. Gracie has read about other food bloggers singing praises for this little stall at Pulau Tikus selling nasi lemak. It seemed like the nasi lemak is number one with so many people queueing up to buy nasi lemak and a customer even placed order through the phone. Some customers even added prawns. Each prawn was RM1 and I thought we were gonna get a large prawn. My mouth was wide opened and my eyes almost bounced out when the plate of nasi lemak arrived. My first thought was, "Where the heck was my chillied anchovy gravy? Where's the gravy? How can you call this a perfect plate of nasi lemak without the gravy?" The moment I saw that small piece of fish which cost less than 50 cents for one fish, I was telling myself, "I'M NOT A CAT and I don't eat such small fish~!!" And what's with the mini-sized prawns? Can't you get a large prawns? It's just a few cents and that's mini-sized prawns cost less than 40 cents for one. Are you trying to murder me with such inedible hot sambal? And the amount of rice, it's it's small that I had to eat slowly to trick my mind that it was worth eating.

This is not the first time food bloggers have reported wrongly about food. It makes me wonder whether the food bloggers know the meaning of having delicious food or either that the food bloggers can't cook perfectly that's why anything that's edible, they blogged about or else there will be nothing to blog about. I can cook a better nasi lemak than this cut-throat expensive RM3.80 nasi lemak... *ptooi* And what's with the fake watery Milo? I grew up drinking Milo day and night until today. I can even drink Milo for the whole day and know which one is fake and which one is genuine. Cekik darah~!

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