Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Petroleum Science? Nah... I think it's Petronas' Science Discovery Centre. Proud of Malaysia, aren't you? We have our own local petroleum... and that's Petronas~! The last time I went to Petrosains, I was only 16. I couldn't remember whether the place has changed or it just remained the same. I remain neutral throughout the whole expedition as I've said before, Science to me is something that makes me feel like a walking zombie. There were some parts that were quite attractive. For example, the section with mirrors and lots of mirrors. Mirrors that can play tricks as the mirrors were placed in such angles that I have no idea how they did it. I just realized that I have no sense of direction when I stood in front of the mirror thus, I don't look into a mirror when I'm back at home. Aahhh... nice~! I took quite a lot of pics and as long as my camera can keep me well entertained, it was not such a bad place to visit after all. Moreover, the entrance fee was quite cheap. There was a part when we went through the simulation of being in an aircraft. The screen showed us the simulation of being in a roller coaster which was EXACTLY the same as what we watched at the XD-Theatre in KL Tower. The only difference was the background in the screen. Instead of depicting the Canyon ride, it was showing the outer space animated scene. Thus, I did not find it exhilarating. I was quite bored with the whole place after less than an hour. Then, I entertained myself again by playing with my own shadow. Trying to gather as much coloured pebbles dripping from above. I think I stood there for 30 minutes in different poses. Other children looking must have thought I was out of my mind. The ultraviolet walkway was one that I've never seen before. Hohoho~! This is to show that you can never fake our identification card. Just need to run it through the ultraviolet ray then you will know whether you're holding a fake one or the genuine one with the ghost image.

And please think twice before you start making counterfeit MYR to scam others. Very beautifully and uniquely done. Stop looking down at Malaysia. We do have our own flaws but we also have our authentic trademark and it's really really immoral and wrong to tarnish the good image of Malaysia.

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