Monday, January 16, 2012


Inky black sky. That was what I had been waiting for. I waited patiently for the sun to go to sleep. I waited until it was pitch darkness out there left with only the LED lights lighting up the whole area. Wasn't that beautiful? There was even a double decker carousel, the one and only in Malaysia if I'm not mistaken and such a pity, I have no desire to even take a ride. I was only thinking about how late were we gonna be because we have spent too much time and we were ten commuter stations away from KL Sentral and we still had to call the very kind cab driver to fetch us to the station and we had to make sure that we didn't make such mistake of missing the train and the monorail and my stomach was really screaming for good food along Jalan Alor, I was even thinking about drunken chicken and Singapore bee hoon at the same time but yet I couldn't let go of my fingers from snapping more and more photos. I wished I could capture everything, keep them in a box and pack them home. Such wonderful memories that will only remain as memories and eventually forgotten until I looked back at my photos. Such beauty the place was, how wonderfully decorated and smartly thought of. I only wish that I own a bungalow with acres and acres of garden, a lake with all sorts of ducks and migratory birds, an orchard of my own and a whole building of filled with sports equipment and games' rooms and a swimming pool to replace the living room. Such wild dreams that I dare to have. Then, all of sudden, I was thinking about how much the electric bill will be with so many LED lights lighting the whole park. It would be a nightmare paying electric bill every month unless I can find a way to generate my own electricity and produce it with a click of my fingers. Do you know how much I love colours? My life is so colourful that all those colours reflect very well on me. The only two colours that I have disliking to are black and dark green. Anyway, I can't share too many photos in my blog post because I didn't get to have the new format even though I'm using Google Chrome. I'm still using the old format where I'm only allow to upload 5 photos at one go, which test my patience when it took too long to upload. i-City will be a town on its own, a new township altogether with its own monorail services, a hub for everything. And no... I don't wish to live in a big city no doubt I like it at times. I still prefer being where I am. My roots are way too deep to be dug out. I love my country, Malaysia and I LOVE PENANG ISLAND~!!

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