Sunday, January 15, 2012


Snowalk. Walking in snow. Walking in man-made snow. Walking around dry ice blown by the gigantic fans. Walking in chilly cold. Walking until my feet went numb. Walking until I can't feel my own fingers. Walking in such frosty cold, it made me think whether I should go to other countries during winter time. Walking around until finally I had to rush out before I die in the -5 degree Celsius coldness. The coldest I have felt was 6 degree Celsius when I was sitting like a numb skull waiting for the penguins to wobble home at Phillip Island. The coldest at home that I can switch my air-conditioning system was only 16 degree Celsius. It was quite a small place actually. We were then for 7 freaking hours after the morning tour at the High5 Bread Town Museum in Shah Alam. i-City is also situated in Shah Alam and you don't expect me to travel back to the hotel then head to Shah Alam again. So the only thing we could do was spent all our time at Snowalk. There were signs with camera not allowed pasted on the entrance into the gigantic freezer. No camera allowed? My foot~! If I pay for it, then I can snap as many photos a as I want~! Anyway, nobody said anything about cameras and everybody else was in a snapping frenzy. Again, monkey see, monkey do :D In a more serious note, the door was exactly like the door to the freezer. It was like keeping humans inside and making the whole place looked like a park. A park with dry ice everywhere, slippery as the surface was melting away. I was quite disappointed that there wasn't any snow blowing from the ceiling. That would be marvellous as I've seen it done at the Snow House in Singapore. Ahh... look at those beautifully lit up dry ice blocks that were turned into igloo. Even the tables and chairs were slippery. Whenever I was stepping on slipper surfaces, I always have a cartoon imagination where I slipped and fell in such style that all bones will break. It creates a sense of phobia in me towards treading on slippery surfaces. Aaahh.... looking at something which has nothing to do with Snowalk... I like my own face... muahahahha... purely narcissistic... If ever I go anywhere during the winter, this is what I will want to do second... not first. Firstly, I would like to feel the snow, touch it without wearing any gloves, feel how flaky the snow is. Then, that's what I will do next. That was quite nice actually with the thick jacket so that I would not wet my own clothes. The third thing I would like to do is licking an ice-cream while it is snowing... double chill? Exciting~! Then I would like to toboggan, skiing and holler out loud until I create an avalanche... nah, just kidding. Do you think we really spent 7 freaking hours in Snowalk? That was what we did for hours and hours on end. It was our sixth day and we never found a day to recharge our inner batteries properly. Wherever we were, the moment we landed out butts on something solid, off we went to dreamland and it was one dreamless sleep, nothing could shake us awake. Among all five of them, I was the heaviest sleeper but I was the one with the least sleep. And I have such skill that I was able to sleep while standing and sleep with my eyes open, not responding to anything because I was sleeping but it seemed like I was wide awake. Ahhh... such skill... profound :D We woke up and went back in to make full use of the RM20 entrance fee. Sliding on tubes, not bad at all just that the distance was too short. I have a need for speed and great excitement. And the part that I hated most was to carry the tube back to the place where we started. Lazy... Gosh... remind me of lunch. I would rather fast than eat that. That was what we've been eating for lunch for five days in a row. Bread and more bread and tuna and tuna, spicy tuna, mild spicy tuna, mayonnaise tuna... and I stopped buying tuna since we got back. I just started eating bread again just now for dinner. I have phobia looking tuna together with bread. Such combination give me the creeps. There was no decent food around and I don't wanna spend money having a meal in Old Town. Whee~!! That ride was one noisy ride. It sounded like an ice block being crushed into smaller pieces in the ice-breaker machine at coffee shops. So loud and it was one bumpy ride, banging against the sides, clinking and clonking along. Again, if the distance was longer, I would love it except for the butt ache after that. Ice sculpture with imported artists from China~! I think such expertise couldn't be found in a country without ice. Yeah... yeah.. he's from China because of his trademark slang. I wonder why do they have such heavy accent that hurts the tongue while twisting away all the words. All in all, a place is just a place, how much fun you want the place to be depends on you.

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