Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's My Birthday~! #3

This is a private dinner. Hubby is so creative and you can never imagine having bak kwa as birthday cake decorated with M&M's. There's the pork slice, chicken slick and lobster slice. After having a superb Italian chocolate cake and a lip-smacking double chocolate from Ritz, this is from Kiew Brothers, boxing chicken dried meat. Love you hubby for your creativeness and thoughts. I love this special birthday cake very much, thank you. Love you very much for tango-ing with me with all my events. I enjoyed this dinner very much, directly by the beach. Thank you mama for being here and there and everywhere. Prawns, clams, birthday noodles and especially the crabs. They're all my favourite and not to forget that sting ray curry. The saddest part was my whole pocket of instax films turned out black so we couldn't take any instant photos. Two more packs to try out since the expiry date was two years ago. Remember the sunset that I've been chasing after? We didn't have to chase the sunset this time round. It was perfectly there and I just needed to turn my head and enjoy the sunset. The sun is always setting behind the hills so I guess the Chinese saying that describes sunset is true. I'm the happiest person and the most blessed person on Earth :D There are children playing fireworks as well. Chinese New Year without fireworks will never be the same... thank you mi mama and mi hubby... love you both!!!

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