Sunday, January 22, 2012

Clearing the Wardrobe...

That was just one side of the wardrobe. If spring cleaning a house proved to be a huge challenge to me, clearing my wardrobe and tidying up the clothes was one tedious job that I gave up within 10 minutes. But in this case, I persevered through as I have to figure out where to keep my new clothes as the clothes barely have any breathing space. If I wrongly pulled out one of the clothes, I'll have a very hard time pushing it back in again. I started digging through the drawers below and I found quite a lot of new clothes, the one that I bought 4 or 5 years back, thank God I still can wear them. I did remove some of my clothes that I've overgrown them. Gave them to my kids as they still look quite new. How am I gonna throw the old ones when they look so new? I keep them all but for once... ONCE... I started folding some of my t-shirts for gym purposes. I rearranged my soft animals residing in the corner of the wardrobe. I even found a stack of RM1 notes stashed in one little corner. The amazing thing about cleaning my house is you can find money everywhere. When we cleaned up the house which we last cleaned 10 years ago, we found quite a fortune. Found so much coins the total amount of coins would have left you dumb-founded. I gave up counting the coins but just put them in one large container. The best part of cleaning my wardrobe was looking at my donkey~! My donkey flew back from Singapore's Universal Studio with its head hanging out of my backpack while walking through Changi Airport and Penang International Airport. What an adventurous donkey that I have. In actualy fact, the real life Donkey that I know of travelled even more. Oh, I just wanna wish my Donk Donk Happy Chinese New Year~! Hhmmm... I gave up clearing the wardrobe after an hour. At least I tried... so the other side was left untouch.

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