Saturday, January 28, 2012

In My Wildest Dream.. :D

Dreams do turn into reality. In my wildest dream, Gracie was playing her ukelele while Judith and Judith were both singing for Judith. As La France was such a lousy place, singing in that place would rather aggreviate the constipated Frenchman, so we left as soon as possible. I guess the Frenchman and sour puss wife were elated that we were leaving. We were happier not to spend another second in such horrid atmosphere no doubt the building was actually very beautiful. We went to the Esplanade, right smack in the open air under a shady tree. And yes, Gracie was strumming her ukelele, singing away and they were giving me a live performance in the open. Wow~! Thank you so much. I wish there were more people dancing along but no one will want to be caught in the scorching afternoon sunlight. I'm very happy.... so happy that no words can describe.

Oh, my... oh my... you three have set such high standards for birthday celebration. I'll have to crack my head for all of your birthday celebrations. I better get started with it...

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