Friday, January 27, 2012

Jonathan and Joel's Wedding Dinner...

Joel I know. Jonathan I don't, but now I do. Joel is sister's best buddy during her teens. She always come to our house to stay over eventhough our house is as small as hers. Joel is a lovely and beautiful lady, with photogenic looks. Snap her in whatever way, she looks perfect. Thank you Lord for giving her such a wonderful husband who knows you and acknowledges You for who You are. The wedding was set on the 26th of January 2011 in Maple Palace. Met sister's old school pals as well. They came together and Joel asked them whether they came in a van or something that can contain so many passengers.

A Chinese wedding is perfectly completed with an eight course dinner where those invite will have a joyous time chewing and munching while the king and queen of the day will be busy walking around toasting from one table to another, toasted up on the stage, popped the champagne and let the champagne flow from glasses to glasses arranged in a pyramid. We did justice to the food even though there were only seven people on our table instead of the usual perfect 10. It's not good to waste food and it's definitely an insult to the chefs if you have leftovers. More so, you shouldn't let the bride and bridegroom spent so much on a wedding dinner while you just leave the food untouched. A toast to the lovely couple. Of all the weddings that I've attended, Jonathan and Joel's wedding was one of its kind. They have their own movies prior to this occasion. Lovely... with Pachelbel's Canon in D playing the whole nite long. For a moment, I just wished I could understand more complex Chinese Language because I couldn't even understand even a word of what the emcee said or what was said in the short movie clip. I salute to the olden days Chinese ladies who had to dress in qipao. I almost strangled myself wearing this. Bought this 5 years ago in Langkawi, it's one unique batik cheongsam.

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