Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Splendidly Quiet...

Ahh... you just don't know how much I love peace and quietness. Love it so much. We had a simple day. I love wearing casual wear, just a beautiful printed t-shirt and shorts. Watched Ah Beng the movie at 1st Avenue. It was quite a big crowd at the cinema. I guess there wasn't much to do for other people as well. The cinema has been one of the many places to spend quality time with love ones. How do you spend quality time with your love ones while watching a movie, you ask? Well, if you're sitting at home, you won't have much to talk about also. Moreover if you sit for too long staring at each other, you'll be very tempted to start a gossip because you can't think of anything to talk about. If for me, I'll start cracking jokes or maybe I'll talk about the past. But then, it's not always that you will feel like talking. Sometimes you just sit there on the couch and hope that no one will start a conversation with you so that you don't have to get yourself involve in any conversations. After the movie, the stomach was screaming to be filled. We went to Kenny Roger's Roaster and had some time to camwhore here and there. HHHmmm... so this is actually how I look like if you ever see me by the roadside. I'm always with spectacles because the left eye is lazy. I don't know how the left eye became so lazy that it shuts down automatically. The right eye is very hardworking though. I will survive with or without spectacles just that the right eye has to work doubly hard. I love my new spectacles... I lost count of the number of specs that I have. I just remembered one Elle specs missing at the Crocodile Farm in Langkawi Island. I stepped on another one as I left it on the floor. Kenny Rogers... can I place a comment here since every time I visited Kenny Roger's I have to state what's on my mind clearly. Please scrape away the nonsense that says every customer can't ask for thigh meat for each table. I'm paying for it so why should I pay for the chicken wings part which I hate chewing at? It's like eating bones only. It's as simple as three people, one person on each table, and you still have to serve us with thigh meat. When it's served, we can sit back together again. Understand how silly it is? Oh, by the way, thank you for kow-towing to my request. I'm not the only one who says the service is lousy, the customer behind me said it out loud because one of the waiters made a silly mistake.

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