Friday, January 27, 2012

It's My Birthday~! #2

Blindfolded~! Where are we going? This is really scary... and in excitement, I forget to figure out how many turnings Gracie has made thus, my sense of direction was totally lost. She made quite a lot of turns, then she stopped in the middle of somewhere or maybe in the middle of nowhere. Then, she went turning here and there, reversing, being honked at, then continue, stopped, moved and then stopped. Where were we? Do you know how scary it was to walk blindfolded? I salute to those with vision impairment who has to walk the dangerous street every day with just the white stick. I would have freeze in my own footsteps. Yeehaw~! The four musketeers~! Judith, Judith, Judith and Gracie~!! I have a great time and I love the surprises~! You really surprise me and with that prank... oh... I really bought that prank about the squashed home made sugee birthday cake by someone who couldn't even cook and she baked a cake for me. I totally bought that prank. This is one delicious double choc cake. Lovely candles to decorate the cake. Well, when you have such wonderful friends celebrating your birthday with you, what more will you want? It's too bad that our laughter was mustered and we can't spread our contagious laughter and giggles. I'll tell you more about it in another post as I don't think it's wise to mix a wonderful story with a sour one. Thank you for the lovely cake. Teddy~!! I've always wanted a new teddy~! Do you know that I've been waiting for all these? Dreaming about them in fact. Thanks for being able to read my mind. Love the cute little piggy as well. And now I'm so rich, I can even wipe my mouth with money. Juju, how do you know I'm been wanting to change a new wallet? That Paul Smith... ahhh... shoes~!! Since our joyous mood has been stifled by some sour puss, we went off somewhere else to have a better time. In my wildest dream... in my wildest dream... and it turned into reality. Gracie with her ukelele by the roadside, will share the video in the next post. Lovely~!! Thanks to the Samaritan, a kind Malay guy from Kuala Lumpur, who became our instant photographer for my instant camera. This is the best birthday ever~!! Love you all with all my heart... my life would have been dull and boring without any of you~!!!

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