Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas 2011

A different type of Christmas. Last year we ordered Domino's and some of the chicken wings and then we played some games. This year, we did it in totally different style. After cooking all those good food, I find that the restaurants are seriously charging at cut-throat expensive prices. Thus, I decided to transport my whole kitchen to Judz's balcony. We had a jolly good time cooking on the balcony with the cool nite breeze in the quiet neighbourhood. That's the host~! She's lazy to cook and I'm lazy to cook as well. Tired after marinading all the raw stuff. We had Mandy as our chef. My kids cooked their own meal. I don't know what's with the cooking and the eating straight from the grill but you'll find yourself burping and full to the brink after just a few pieces of everything added up together. No wonder restaurants for 'eat-all-you-can' are mushrooming around town. They know most people can't eat that much after staring at the food on the pan waiting for it to cook. Whoa~! This was the best part. My kids love Judz's freezer. There's an assortment of ice-creams from the traditional aiskrim potong to Neopolitan bar to all the delicious, creamy and rich chocolate King's ice-cream. Rummaging through her freezer is always considered as part of an activity. You'll have to figure out which ice-cream you wanna eat so that you don't overeat. Then you have a second of food therapy mental discussion where you tell yourself it's just once a year or once in a blue moon. In the end, we were busy licking at ice-creams of different flavours one after another. You might have to swallow your whole stick of ice-cream just in case the more favoured ice-creams were grabbed by the others. We did have our own photography session. We have the very serious photoshoot. Why so serious har? Like taking the old family photo. Should capture this in black and white or sepia. We did have our crazy moments but those photos were not meant for the public eyes. It might scare the wits out of you. Well, we went for our second rounds of eating session. Every celebration is about eating, nothing but the food. Fellowship without food feels rather empty. The missing part was Gracie wasn't around because she was dining like a queen with her family. When she came over late at night, we forced her to eat some more. That's the way to treat your bestie~! Thanks for the beautiful sandals, the lovely blouse and the comfortable bedsheet. You can never find a friend who will give you bedsheet as Christmas pressie~! I received my second set of the king size bedsheet... yippee~!!

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