Friday, January 27, 2012

It's My Birthday~! #1

Happy birthday to me~! Thanks to my precious for remembering. That's my first birthday cake for this year. We ate up the cake for lunch and left a little for mi mama. Too hungry and we had no idea what to eat for lunch yesterday. We went to Maxim's in Pulau Tikus and were wow-wing away looking at all those beautiful cakes. I got myself an Italian Chocolate cake. That's my precious. So many years... I still remember when she was little. Quiet and always quiet and then she grew up with my trademark everywhere. Talkative, saying out loud, impatient, creative... everything good and bad that I have I think I give it to her. She doesn't have my blood but she definitely has my style plus her own style and we both love PINK~! I have a new toy to play with. It's an old toy actually. The Fujifilm instant camera has been sleeping in the drawer since 2009. I cleared my wardrobe and thought that I should put the camera into good use.

That's all for now... going off for a bigger birthday celebration~!!! WOooOHHOOoooO~~!!!

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